Wool Wand, Small Size

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Image of Wool Wand, Small Size Image of Wool Wand, Small Size Image of Wool Wand, Small Size Image of Wool Wand, Small Size Image of Wool Wand, Small Size

Presenting another small batch of WOOL WANDS, wooden tools for stuffing dolls and toys.

The tool has many clever details in design, not just to help you torque wool with ease and minimize the strain on your hands, but also so that you can hold an object that bestows beauty upon your environment, an often forgotten quality when it comes to hand tools, especially for fiber artists.

This tool works perfectly fine for "pushing down" stuffing as well, and it obviously not only works well with wool but with other stuffing materials as well.

The specific tools are laid on photo 2:
1. Ambrosia Maple and Plum stripe
2. Ash and Gold stripe
3. Maple and Green stripe
4. Ash, Walnut Shank and Copper stripe

There are slight variations to the tool, as each is one of a kind due to the grain of the wood.

It measures about 13" in length, and will roll wool up to 7" in length (the length of your doll's arm or leg). This is the size of tool I use to stuff dolls up to 11,5" tall.

The tool is finished with beeswax sealing and ships worldwide.

I use my tools on a weekly basis, and not one of them has broken or gotten twisted after five or so years. We are confident in the quality of this product, however, we cannot guarantee its integrity if you misuse it.

If you want to learn and see how to torque wool in order to create really firm rolls of wool to stuff your dolls with, visit the following YouTube video, where you can see me using my tool in action:


Any questions, feel free to let me know. I am happy to hear your concerns. Please write me to: fabs@figandme.com

Thank you for checking out the tool and for considering using it to create your dolls. I can't really live without mine and I am so pleased to finally be able to offer it to you all.